Khuldabad is about 27 kms from Aurangabad and about 3 kms from the world famous Ellora caves. The is the the Burhan-ud-din mausoleum where the mortal remains of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb lie. Aurangzeb chose this place as his burial site and true to his firm belief in his lifetime to avoid any ostentation, also instructed that it should be kept simple. This is his grave.

Below is the gate to the city of Khuldabad.

Above is the entrance to the mausoleum. Also shown below are pictures of the mosque. Graves of Azam Shah (Aurangzeb's second son) and his wife as well as of other well known muslim saints are to be be found in this complex.

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James Corner said...

Khuldabad is also known as the valley of saints because of its glorious past. The Mughal king Aurangzeb chose this place as his burial site. Khuldabad is also host many other tombs of and historic monuments can give you more information about this amazing town of Aurangabad, and also give you some nearby historical tourist destinations near Aurangabad.

Yogesh said...

I have visited Daulatabad many times. I love this place.